Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow | Bedtime Story (E-book and Audio)

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Discover the land of Australis, where the Dream Guardians—seven spirited characters each with a unique gem and superpower—venture across dazzling landscapes to restore the world's vanishing colors. From Melbourne's cityscape losing its hues to the deep blues of the Great Barrier Reef turning pale, these guardians unite in their quest against the ominous Grey Eclipse threatening their vibrant home.

About the Story Book:

Bedtime audiobook for children - Volume 1: The Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow is the first instalment in Duski's series of Dream Guardians of Australis. It is a captivating compilation of stories that brings to life the tales of seven unique guardians, each with their own rich background, magical gem, and awe-inspiring superpowers, straight to your inbox in both audiobook and eBook  formats.

Who Are the Duski Dream Guardians?

The Duski Dream Guardians are not just your ordinary night lights. They are meticulously designed Bluetooth speaker night lights that embody the spirit of adventure, comfort, and protection. Each Guardian is inspired by a different state of Australia, representing the diverse landscapes and cultures that make up this beautiful country. These guardians have a mission: to make bedtime a safe, soothing, and imaginative time for children everywhere.

Learn More About our Duski Dream Guardians here

Discover their Origins

The origin stories provide all the background information needed to fully understand and appreciate each character's motivations, strengths, and journeys. From the serene coasts of Queensland to the rugged outback of the Northern Territory, learn how each guardian discovered their gem, honed their superpowers, and committed themselves to protect the dreams of children. These stories are not just tales; they're gateways to a world of imagination, making the Duski Dream Guardians come alive in the hearts and minds of your children.

Origin Stories (audio + ebook) Available for Free Download Here