Duski Dream Guardian: Bunny

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Duski Kids Night Light and Speaker

Our Duski Dream Guardian Bunny is packed full of features to help your child feel safe, calm and secure through the night.

Made from eco-friendly, baby safe, squishy silicone this is not your ordinary night light. It has a palette of 9 vibrant colors and 8 levels of brightness, which means it adapts to every mood and adventure.

Whether it's a sleepover at Grandma's or a camping trip under the stars, our portable Dream Guardian is your child's perfect bedtime buddy, always ready for an adventure.

Best of all, this is not just a night light, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. So you can stream calming, relaxing sounds, white noise, your favourite tracks, or even a story.  

With 2 timer options and a parent's remote control, you can customize the experience just the way your child likes it. Imagine the joy of streaming soothing lullabies, calming sounds, or even bedtime stories – all while basking in the gentle glow of its light. 

Plus, the red light setting is expertly designed on recommendation of sleep specialists to promote restful sleep, ensuring your child wakes up refreshed and ready for a new day of adventures.


  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Child safe (made from washable food-grade silicon)
  • Includes low power LEDs that never get hot
  • Includes a parents remote control
  • Light settings: 30 and 60 min timer, 8 levels brightness, rainbow mode, choose from 9 colours, sleep setting.
  • Bluetooth settings: next track, previous track, play/pause

What is included in the box?

  • The adorable Duski Dream Guardian: Bella the Bunny
  • USB Cable
  • Remote control (requires 2 x AAA batteries - not included)

Please note: 

  1. Once fully charged, enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous streaming and soothing LED light. Battery life varies based on usage.
  2. We recommend 30-minute sessions of calming music, meditation, or stories while your child falls asleep.
  3. Remember to unpair and click "forget device" after use to conserve battery, especially when not in use.
  4. Each device connects to one Duski Bluetooth speaker at a time; simultaneous connection with two devices is not supported.
  5. You can use any USB outlet like smart phone charger to connect the light with for chargig purposes. However, we highly recommend getting a Duski compatible wall plug for convenience and longevity of the product.

    Get the Duski wall plug adaptor here



Our Duski Dream Guardian Bunny not only adds a touch of magic to bedtime but also imparts invaluable life lessons.

Introducing Bella the Bunny

Meet Bella the Bunny, the enchanting bearer of the Light Gem from the sun-kissed landscapes of Western Australia. With her fur as bright as the outback sun, Bella embodies the essence of creativity, a quality that lights up her world and those around her.

Bella's vibrant orange fur reflects the warmth of her homeland, she weaves dreams with her imagination, painting the world with hues of innovation and originality. But Bella is not just creative; she's also remarkably flexible, bending with the winds of change. Her empathy is as boundless as the Australian horizon, bringing comfort to hearts, and her adaptability is like the eucalyptus trees, resilient in the face of challenges.

As the bearer of the Light Gem, Bella possesses a radiant glow that controls light waves, banishes shadows and illuminates the path to endless possibilities. With Bella the Bunny as their guiding light, children will embark on a magical journey of self-discovery, learning, and endless creativity. Let Bella’s light inspire the young hearts, teaching them to be as flexible as the willow, as empathetic as the kangaroos, and as adaptable as the resilient Australian wilderness.

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