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My Night Light is so much more than just night lights. We care about helping your children find peace and comfort in the darkness across the world. Turning nightmares into dreams and monsters into mermaids since 2009.

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NEW: Bluetooth Speaker Night Lights

Rechargeable and made from soft and squishy silicone. Includes an optional timer, dimmer, choose any colour and your choice of music or sound to stream. White noise, meditation, stories, nature sounds or music.

Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Fox


Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Bear


Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Owl


Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Bunny


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SLEEP TIPS From certified child sleep specialist Katie Forsythe 💤
The darkness can be frightening – especially for little ones with vivid imaginations. Imagine: it’s the early hours of the morning and you can’t sleep. The shadow of a tree branch can become a witch’s hand. A chair in the corner of the room could turn into a 5-foot tall monster. The whoosh of the winter breeze can sound like ghosts are never far away. The line that separates reality and fantasy blurring more with each tick of the clock.

What can keep the monsters at a safe distance? Can anything be done to turn a scary witch into a beautiful princess and the sound of approaching ghosts into the gentle patter of fairy footsteps?

Phillipa from My Night Light has made the hero that many parents have been searching for far and wide more accessible. The simple warm glow of a children’s night light can offer your little boys and girls the protection they desire when mum and dad are out of arms reach. And when you order your children’s night lights from our online store, you can sleep soundly knowing that your hero is making their way to you as fast as they can, across Australia and world-wide.

From the cool to the cute: a fantastical selection of the best kid’s night lights Bestow creatures from a faraway magical land to your baby or toddler with the LED Aloka night light range for sale. Gift them with their nightly watchperson from the nursery range, with mobile butterflies and farmyard animals to lull them to sleep. Or give a friend they can go on a journey with, as our portable night lights include characters such as Miffy, Gimmo Indigo the Hedgehog and Zazu Fin the Sheep (to name a few!). Every single one of our night lights meet all Australian Safety Standards and come recommended by sleep specialists across the country. So, for when you’re looking to buy kids night lights, enter the My Night Light world and find a new friend for your little one, as well as the best LED night light available in Australia.