Origin Stories of Dream Guardians

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Bedtime Story for kids - Audiobook + Ebook

Embark on an enchanting journey with the Dream Guardians, your child's new companions for magical bedtime adventures. Each Guardian, a mystical protector from a different corner of Australia, brings their own unique story, gem, and superpowers to life. This special collection of Origin Stories delves deep into the backgrounds of all 7 characters, providing everything your child needs to know about these captivating heroes. Discover the magic behind their powers, the secrets of their gems, and the adventures that await under the starlit skies of Australia.

This exclusive collection is offered as both an audiobook and an ebook, sent directly to your email for free, ensuring your little ones can enjoy these stories in whatever format they prefer.

Perfect for establishing a comforting bedtime routine, these stories combine the allure of adventure with the safety of a night light. The Origin Stories not only introduce your child to each of the Dream Guardians but also immerse them in the rich tapestry of their beginnings—how they came to be the protectors of dreams, the adventures they've embarked on, and the challenges they've overcome.

The Origin Stories collection is your all-access pass to understanding each character's backstory, making bedtime stories even more meaningful and engaging. Download your free audiobook and eBook today!

P.s You can start the magical journey withVolume 1: Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow, Audiobook and eBook available for purchase now!