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My Night Light started out as an idea in the early hours of the morning amidst the cries of a screaming child. Like any new sleep-deprived parent, I was exhausted and defeated. I was willing to try anything to help my perfect little boy find comfort in the vulnerable hours of the night.

And that’s when it happened. I was gifted something that I never expected would change my life. A simple night light.

This light, with it’s warm and subtle glow turned the dark and still unfamiliar environment into a place of comfort. Somewhere that reminded this brand new human of the womb he had just spent ten months in.  

As he grew up and his sister arrived, the fears grew with them. The line that separated fantasy and reality became blurred. The monsters in their books started to hide beneath their beds and reside in their closets. But once the lights were out, it was that warm glow that kept them away.

This is why I had to start My Night Light. Because as adults we’ve forgotten just how scary the darkness is. We’ve forgotten that we used to cry out for our parents because we couldn’t see anything to remind us of our reality. We’ve forgotten that for most of us, a night light glowed humbly in the corner of our room.

We’ve forgotten! But for our children, this is their reality every time the lights are turned off. I have found that the simple, humble glow of a night light is the hero that most parents have been searching for.

My lights come recommended by sleep specialists and meet all of the Australian Safety Standards. But most importantly children love them and the lights pass every test in their eyes.

This business is built on a foundation of care and understanding, a place where judgement does not reside. My passion for the safety, comfort and happiness of your children has not waivered since the birth of the business in 2009.

I look forward to helping you and your children find peace and comfort in those vulnerable hours of darkness. Nothing brings me more happiness than the reviews (coupled with tears of relief) from our community of beautiful My Night Light customers.

Love and sweet dreams,

Philippa and the My Night Light team x