Safe LED Lights for Kids

Safe LED lights for kids


Are LED Lights Safe for Kids?

Bedtime becomes magical with our range of safe LED night lights for kids, crafted to provide a secure and soothing atmosphere for a restful sleep.

You can feel at ease when you shop with My Night Light knowing that you have chosen safety. My Night Light will only stock the safest products. This includes choosing LED lights over bulb lights.


Why do we love LED lights?

The number one reason we will only stock led lights is safety. LED lights do not get hot, making it safe and cool to touch. The LEDs in our lights will be between 5 volts – 12 volts. Lights that use bulbs usually run with up to 240 volts! Not only are LED lights extremely safe and recommended by electricians, but they have some other great benefits for your hip pocket too.


Good to Know
  • Energy Efficiency: Using just 0.2 watts, LEDs are incredibly energy-efficient, saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • Longevity: LEDs can work for up to 100,000 hours, that's around 11 years of continuous bedtime bliss.
  • Economical: With LEDs consuming up to 100 times less power than bulbs, you'll notice the difference in your monthly expenses.


Quality Control 

Every My Night Light product undergoes stringent quality checks, meeting Australian standards and carrying CE certification. We personally test each item before it reaches you, and to assure you further, we offer a solid 12-month warranty. But our mission is more than just safety – it's about comfort too.


Warranty and Returns Info

Please visit this page to learn more about our warranty and return policies.


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Transform bedtime into a safe, comforting ritual.