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You can feel at ease when you shop with My Night Light knowing that you have chosen safety. My Night Light will only stock the safest products. This includes choosing LED lights over bulb lights.

Why we love LED lights

The number one reason we will only stock led lights is safety. LED lights do not get hot, making it safe and cool to touch. The LEDs in our lights will be between 5 volts – 12 volts. Lights that use bulbs usually run with up to 240 volts! Not only are LED lights extremely safe and recommended by electricians, but they have some other great benefits for your hip pocket too.

Did you know

  • LEDs use up to 100 times less power than a light bulb (approx. 0.2 watts) making them extremely cheap to run.
  • LEDs do not need to be replaced like bulbs.
  • LEDs save money! Not only on replacing globes but also on power consumption and your electricity bill.
  • LEDs have a life of up to 100 000 hours (approx. 11 years if you never switched it off).
  • LEDs Never get hot.

Quality Control 
We have our quality control process in place to check every product before we add it to our range. They will check the product meets all Australia standards, CE certification and low voltage. At My Night Light we also test every item before posting and offer a 12 month warranty.

Comforting Lights
We have recently added some other great products with help to creating a comforting night for your little ones. A sweet soft toy or a luxurious lace baby wrap.