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Let us tell you the secret to Miffy's charm – she's not just a plush toy; she's a lifelong friend. Crafted with love and care, our Miffy plush toys are the softest companions you'll ever meet. The moment you hold one, you'll feel the irresistible softness of Miffy's world. It's like hugging a cloud! 

Miffy plush toys are filled with 100% recycled PET stuffing, making them eco-conscious and sustainable. Plus, our commitment to ethical production ensures fairness at every step.  Miffy is built to last. While you can give her a gentle hand wash, we recommend pampering her the way she deserves. After all, she's not just a plush toy; she's part of your family. 

Ready to bring the magic of Miffy into your life? Explore our Miffy Plush Collection today and let the softness and charm of Miffy captivate your heart!


  • Dimensions: 23 cm
  • 100% recycled PET filling. Polyester outer fabric
  • Care label: hand wash
  • Perfect for travel, holiday, sleepover or home
  • Available in two designs: Cream terry plush & Blue corduroy plush