Miffy Corduroy Keychains

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Miffy is not just any bunny; she's the worldwide sweetheart that kids adore. Her presence brings a warm, fuzzy feeling of security, making her the ideal companion for children everywhere. With her relatable adventures, Miffy becomes an instant friend for your little ones. Miffy's charm lies in her simplicity and innocence. She radiates positivity and embodies the spirit of curiosity, always ready for exciting new experiences. 🌟

Whether you're a parent looking to put a smile on your child's face or you simply want to add a touch of adorable charm to your bag or keys, the Miffy Corduroy Keychain is here to spread joy and cuteness wherever it goes! Grab one today and let Miffy brighten up your day.


  • Dimensions: 10cm
  • Polyester outer fabric, with 100% recycled PET filling
  • Care label: hand wash
  • Perfect for bag accessory or key chain
  • Available in two colours: pink & grey