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      LED reading lamps and stylish or fun statement pieces for any room. Perfect for night time reading or creating a magical book nook. Suitable for adults and children.



      A Night Light Lamp to Offer Peace and Comfort at Any Age

      A fear of the dark, and all the little creatures that come with it, is a common fear of toddles and young children alike. As your little one grows, their imagination tags along and flourishes and grows with them. A fear of the dark might even affect your children for far longer than you originally thought.

      Helping your child settle down for a good night’s rest can be difficult at any age. You might think they look forward to relaxing in their warm and comfortable beds as much as their parents do – but there’s so much to miss out on! A fear of missing out, coupled with a fear of the dark can make for a restless sleep for the whole family.

      Perhaps the answer is this: a night light lamp to omit a comforting glow from anywhere in their bedroom.

      With My Night Light’s collection of night light lamps, a solution can be found for children of any age. Your child can stare at constellations from the comfort of their bed or fall asleep with the view of a gently illuminated castle. Even a humbly glowing rocket ship can help launch their dreams, or an origami Elephant can ward off any terrifying monsters hiding behind furniture.

      My Night Light’s selection of lamps are also perfect for those ready to discover the joys of reading. Set up a book nook in any bedroom and enjoy the simple fun of entering make believe worlds with your child in the comfort of your lamp’s LED llight.

      The most magical aspect of the night light lamp collection is that these creations don’t look like typical night lights, ensuring older children can experience peace and comfort throughout the night, even if they feel they don’t need one anymore.

      For night light lamps and your child’s new best friend.

      My Night Light was created out of the need to make beautiful and comforting night lights more accessible for families across the world. Whether you are searching for your child’s portable new best friend that can accompany them on adventures across the land, a fantastical Aloka night light with characters suited for children of any age, or a night light perfect for nurseries to help lull babies and toddlers off to sleep, you’ll find a safe and reliable product in our online store.

      Simply browse our range and find the hero you’ve been searching for. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly team at any time – after all, you’re a member of the My Night Light community now.

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