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      Dual Power Night Lights (3)

      For the family that needs flexibility, swap between battery operated or plugin power source. Perfect for travel, camping, sleepovers or that wire free look in the bedroom or simply plug in and use.

      Help Your Child Feel Safe with These Plug in Night Lights

      A gust of wind travelling by outside, an old creaky floor, a heap of clothes hanging off the back of a chair. A darkened bedroom can be a scary place for a vivid imagination. Familiar sounds and sights ca be transformed in the dark and in a child’s imaginative mind.

      Conquering our fear of the dark is not always easy. Especially difficult perhaps is the time when a child gets used to sleeping in their own bedrooms and awakes from night terrors without their parents at arm’s reach.  By the time we’re parents, many of us sadly forget the acute fear an unfamiliar sound in the night could instil in us.

      The My Night Light story

      Founder Philippa’s son struggled with sleepless night and a fear of the dark. She soon realised what many adults have forgotten – how keenly they themselves feared the dark as young children. To Philippa, a night light became the simple but effective solution to helping her son sleep soundly. She founded My Night Light with the aim to provide quality night lights for all children who need a champion as they sleep.  All our night lights come recommended by sleep specialists across the country, and meet the Australian Safety Standards.

      A range of plug in night lights to suit all kids

      Some love robots, some love space, some love mermaids. No two kids are the same, which is why we offer a wide range of night lights to suit any number of likes. We’ve got trains and fairies, colour-in lights for creative kids, and soft, plush toys for children who want a light and a huggable friend in one. We also have portable night lights for safe sleeps wherever, as well as nursery lights, lamps, and more.

      Often, we hear from parents whose children feel embarrassed that they need a night lamp to sleep at night. That’s why many of our plug-in lights don’t look much like night lamps at all, but rather cool decorations, such as robots, bunnies, plush toys, and a wide range of other designs.

      Browse our range today

      Feel free to browse our range of nightlights, available through shipping Australia-wide. We want to help more parents and children go to bed with confidence. If you’ve got questions, we’re reachable on 1300 901 590 or through our online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you with all the information you require.

      My Dream Night Light Construction - Plug In


      My Dream Night Light Motorbike - Dual Power


      Night Light Dream Catcher - Dual Powered