I want to share with you a little story about me as a first time mum, as this moment was my very inspiration that created My Night Light. Picture this...

I have become a mum for the first time in my life and I have this amazing newborn that has stolen my heart. However, every night from 8pm until midnight he cries and nothing I do makes him stop. I was so disheartened that I couldn’t ease his sadness; nothing I tried would stop the crying. Dummies, milk, rocking, singing, pacing the hallways or cuddles - nothing worked for me and it was breaking my heart.

I finally settle my baby at midnight and race back to bed for some sleep, as I know it won’t be long before he wakes again. A couple of hours pass and yes he’s awake again ready for his milk and a nappy change. As I was so exhausted, finding my way down the hallway was hard in the dark, so I switch the light on (I can hear some of you gasping… why would you turn a light on?). Yes, light is on and he now thinks its time to wake up and play – It’s too bright.

The Saving Grace…

A beautiful friend of mine gives me a gift, a gorgeous horse mobile, but it’s not your usual mobile… it lights up with a gentle glow and changes colours slowly. It’s gorgeous. So that night I turned on the mobile, and I’m surprised at how mesmerized my little man is with the soft changing colours. Guess what - he’s not crying! Not only is he not crying but also he has drifted off to sleep. I HAVE WON!! I can’t believe this has happened - it’s actually working.

So a few hours pass and he’s ready for a feed and nappy change. I turn on the horse mobile light and it’s the perfect amount of light for me to see everything I need to see and to change and comfort my boy. The best part was, it wasn’t too bright, and so instead of waking up completely he drifted straight back to sleep. This light saved my sleep and saved my sanity. I was now invested and needed to know more.

Evolution of My Night Light

After a bit of research into the lights and hubby being in an electrical trade we realised how amazing and safe the LED lights are. The revelation - this is absolutely something that could help other new parents in the same situation. So ‘My Night Light’ was born.

As my children grew the need for a night light changed, but it was still so helpful for our night time routine. It has made night times such an easy and enjoyable experience.

I found at around the age of 2, all of a sudden my kids developed a sense of fear as they became more aware. The research started and I found a night light that we could dim and it had a timer, so they felt safe in their big boy / big girl rooms. Then the toilet training started (we all know the horror of night time toilet training) racing as fast as you can to get them to the toilet in the dark with out running into something, or finding them crying because they couldn’t find the toilet and had wet their pants, or bed! Then the dreaded stripping the bed and cleaning the child, and trying to settle them again. The night-light stopped the bed wetting for us, as they could confidently make their own way to the toilet.

We also found that the comfort and feeling of safety the kids got from their night-light, meant less straying out of bed and creeping into ours. I got my bed back most nights, instead of curling up in the 1/8thof the bed I would get when they crawled in and spread out cross my bed.

Now my boy is 5 and my girl is 3 we use their night-lights for reading. At the moment they are really enjoying the relaxing sounds of the star projector night light. Mr 5 chooses the heartbeat or ocean sound.

Sweet dreams…

When we create comfort and safety for our children, “most” of the time they happily drift into their sweet dreams. Night-lights are a great aid to help parents/carers set a routine that can be calm and enjoyable.

We have started incorporating a few new products into our range too - other than night lights. The safety and comfort our kids feel at bed time is important. Lets not forget if they get a good night rest so do we! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page as we introduce more soft toys and other items, to create a happy safe and secure place for your children at night. 

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