Unless you are one of those freakishly lucky people whose little one falls asleep on demand and stays asleep all night long then at some point you have asked the Google fairies ‘how do I get my child to sleep through the night?’ or ‘how do I get my baby to sleep?’ I’m guessing one of the answers that you received back was, ‘a night light’. There are MANY night lights on the market all claiming to help solve your sleep problem, so which one should you pick?


As the owner ofMy Night Lightand selling, you guessed it, a large variety of night lights over the last 11 years, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to lots of sleep deprived mums and I’ve developed relationships with other amazing working mums who are sleep specialists, naturopaths, life coaches and fellow baby retail store owners. I took all of the information gifted to me from these wonderful people and the knowledge from trying and selling a variety of night lights on the market and learning the pros and cons of each and developed my own Duski night light brand. At the moment I have two night lights under the Duski brand and I’m so very proud of both, each one has been developed to cater to different parent’s needs. Below you’ll find information about each, along with a handy comparison table to make it easy to see at a glance which night light is perfect for your family’s needs. 


NEWDuski Dream Lights

This is a classicnight lightavailable in a variety of on trend designs to fit your nursery or child’s bedroom theme, including a fairy, rocket, construction theme and dino. They are built with quality and ease of use in mind. You simply plug them in and then use the included remote to operate. They have an LED light source, meaning they never get hot so are safe for little hands, and are also energy efficient. Being a plug-in light, they will last all night long. They have a 1-hour timer option and can be dimmed down 4 levels. The light is colour changing and has that all-important red-light option (which we recommend for overnight sleep – you can read more about that in ourred light blog). These static lights are recommended by sleep specialists, simply plug them in and off you go – hello sleep! They are light weight enough to travel with you.


Duski Dream Guardian

OurDream Guardiansare not only night lights but include a Bluetooth speaker to stream calming sounds, white noise or even bedtime stories or songs. You can choose from a variety of soft and squishy silicone animal friends including a fox, unicorn, owl, bear and a llama. These remote-controlled sleep aids are rechargeable and portable – think night time bathroom buddy. They are colour changing with that all-importantred-lightoption, have a timer and are dimmable. The light source is also LED. This is a good option if you don’t have a plug close to the bed or want something more tactile. They are also essential if a night light alone is not enough and your child needssoundsor meditation to calm their minds and relax them at night. These night lights are also light weight and can go away on adventures with you.


Duski Night Light Comparison Table

Which Night Light is Best for Baby


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