Surviving Easter holidays with kids

I know that a lot of you will be going away with your beautiful family during the Easter school holidays. It’s what we Aussies do!

 Whilst exciting, this can be a LITTLE stressful for all involved. In fact, you might not realise it, when you’re running around like a woman possessed trying to attend all the school events that always occur during the last week of term, make your final travel plans, make sure you’ve got everything you need, pack, work and be a mum!!! (I’m tired just writing that!) But it can be stressful on your little ones too!

 As your kids get older, they tend to handle things a little better, but if you have a child under 5, they’re probably going to need a little extra care – they may get grumpy and stressed by all the changes and disruption to their routine.

 Here are our top tips to help make your Easter holiday as relaxing and fun for EVERYONE as possible!


  • Give them warning!

Talk about all the things you’ll be doing. Show them on the calendar what you’re doing or where you’ll be each day. Maybe have them make a travel journal or memory book ready to draw, write and stick in mementos from your trip.


  • Try to stay calm

You matter! Make sure that you’re ok. You can’t look after your children if you’re stressed to the max! Plus, kids can sense your mood!


  • Don’t plan too much

I know it can be really tempting to squeeze as much as possible into each day. This is going to make everyone REALLY tired and a little grumpy so try to take it easy and perhaps just do one thing each day and then plan some quality family time together.


  • Be realistic with your expectations

Make sure that there’s something that the kids will LOVE doing each day. If it includes fresh air and burning LOTS of energy off – PERFECT!!!!


  • Meal times and food

Kids love routines! Try to stick to your regular meal times where possible. Do not let your children become HANGRY! IF your meals are going to be later than usual make sure that you have snacks to keep them going.


  • Flying with children

This should be a blog by itself, hmmm there’s an idea!! Seriously though, be organised! Bring lots of little treats for them – books, puzzles, small toy. Bring snacks too! See above – Hangry child plus airplane equals hell for ALL!


  • Try to keep their routine as normal as possible

Remind them what they’ll be doing each day. Bring their usual blanket, special cuddly friend and night light. Night time in strange places can be very frightening for a young child so having their usual light at night will help them to sleep better and NO ONE wants to be grumpy and sleep deprived on holiday. Am I right?!

OurAloka Sleepy Lightsare dual powered and super light so are perfect to pop in your suitcase and take on your adventure with you.

Hopefully our tips have given you a few ideas to help you arrive home from your Easter holiday, revived, relaxed and ready to take on the world!


Is there anything that we’ve missed that would make school holiday travels fun, easy and stress-free?


Happy Easter!


Love Philippa and the My Night Light team. XX



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Bree Birmingham

My twin girls have had their night lights since 1 year old (now 4.5) We take these night lights EVERYWHERE we go!

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