Aloka Sleepy Light Tips

Hands down our best-selling night lights are ourAloka Sleepy Lightsand rightly so. They are recommended by sleep specialists and come with a heap of really useful features such as colour changing, with the option for that all-important red light, dimmable down 4 levels, an optional timer, dual powered and a remote control suitable for little hands. Plus, they are an LED light, so they last FOREVER (well, approximately 11 years if left on constantly!). They also never get hot, which means they are completely safe for your nursery or bedroom.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have anAloka night light, we want to know, are you pressing the same button every night or are you using your light to its full potential?

Here are some super useful Q&A's to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Aloka night light.


What does dual powered mean?

Our Aloka Lights can either be plugged in at the wall using the supplied USB cord and any USB plug OR they can be used via battery (3 x AA included). This makes them handy for travel or to use where there isn't an electrical outlet. 

Aloka Sleepy Night Light - Bunny Rabbit

How do I switch the light on?

First, make sure that the black switch at the back is in the ON position then:

  • If using battery power - switch the light on with the middle white button on the base of the light and use the remote to operate.
  • If using plugged in - switch the light on with the standby button on your remote.

Tell me about the buttons on the remote control

  • The coloured buttons change the colour of the light. If you press any of the coloured buttons multiple times, it will dim the light down 4 levels.
  • The timer button will gently fade the light down and then stay on for 40 minutes.
  • The sleep button - moon and star, will dim the light down to a 5th level. When it is pressed the light will flash once and then very slowly dim down to its lowest level of brightness. It will stay on all night if plugged in and for 8 hours when operating via battery power.
  • The side lamp button – looks kinda like a mushroom, is for the brightest white light and is perfect for reading.
  • The rainbow button will filter through the colours, slow and mesmerising. This can be quite soothing for a young child.

Aloka Night Light Instructions

We also thought that you might find this fabquick start guide really useful. If like us, you tend to throw your box and instructions away as soon as possible!

And if that isn’t enough info for you, here is a short video showing the functions of the remote.



In addition to this, here are some questions that we get asked about ourAloka Colour and Shine Lights. They do everything detailed above, PLUS they come with specialised colouring in pens so that you can personalise your light.


Wait! I can draw on my light?!

You sure can! Pull the acrylic upright picture out of the LED light base and put on a flat surface. We like to put a cloth underneath to avoid scratches and draw, colour and write to your heart's content.


What if I make a mistake?

Easy! Wipe it off with the supplied cloth.


Aloka Colour and Shine


 What if I want to change my  colouring?

You can colour in or write and wipe off as many times as   you like. If the pen becomes a little stubborn, moisten the  cloth and clean the acrylic upright picture. You can even put the acrylic upright picture onlyunder the tap and wash it gently. Of course, make sure it’s completely dry before you pop it back into its base!


 What if I really like the design of the upright but cannot handle my child colouring in their light?

Throw the pens away or put them to one side before gifting them the light. The pens can be used on paper as well, so they can also be a perfect addition to a pencil case.

If you have any questions after reading this or just want to chat about our lights please don’t hesitate toreach out. We think these lights are pretty special and know that you will too.


Have fun and sweet dreams!

Tell us below... What's your favourite thing about the Aloka Lights?

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