Are you desperately hunting for something to help your family have a good night’s sleep?

When children wake too early, it doesn’t just make them cranky and tired, it makes us cranky and tired too and that is no fun for anyone.

In our quest to help save your sleep we came across this fabulous product and think it could be the perfect solution for you!

Sam the Sleep Traineris an award-winning sleep aid and is an absolute must for parents of early birds, because It teaches children when to get up and when to stay in bed.

Sam’s eyes close when it’s time to go to bed and open when it’s time to get up. It also features a colour changing LCD screen that denotes night time and morning and an analogue and digital clock with an alarm and timer. I have yet to meet a child that does not love little Sam. And I have to say, it really does work!

We’ve put together some instructional videos to show you have to easily operate all of Sam’s various settings so that you can start to enjoy staying in bed later than 3.30am!


Step 1 - Unlock Sam


Step 2 - Set the time


Step 3 - Set your bedtime 

Step 4 - Set wake up time


 Step 5 - Set the night light – both brightness level and timer – you can decide how long you want the light to stay on for. Once your set night time comes around, Sam will close his eyes and the light will stay on until you have programmed it to go off. You can even choose to keep it on all night. The night light is that all important red colour, so it doesn’t affect the production of Melatonin – the sleepy hormone.


Step 6 - Sam can also be used for naptime.



Step 7 - How to re start the night light if you put your little one to bed a little later than usual and the night light has already gone off.



Step 8 - How to wake up Sam if you need to get up earlier than your timer is set for.



If after watching all of these videos you still need help with any of Sam’s functions and settings please don’t hesitate tolet us know, we’re here to help.


Also, please let us know how you get on with your Sam. Share your comments below and don’t forget to tag us onInstagramandFacebook. We just love seeing your photos and hearing your sleep success stories.

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