There once was a bunny all fluffy and bright a little bunny who lit up the night.

She was a pretty little bunny loved by all because she cared about her friends big and small.

Always waiting ready to play, she was the best at creating new games all day.

She loves nothing more then shining bright cuddling in a corner with a book and her special friends at night.

Although she loves to play and read all day there is something magical that this little bunny does that makes you want her to stay.

When night time comes and it's time for bed, when its time to lay down your little head.

She will sprinkle a little miffy dust on your pillow to ensure your dreams are not hard to swallow.

She will keep you safe all night long, she will sooth you to sleep when you wake with a fright and she will make sure your dreams are filled with light.

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