My Dream Lights are sleep specialist recommended and feature a child friendly, safe, LED colour changing night light which is ideal for children from 0-99! With a range of on trend designs parents are bound to find the perfect match for their child’s bedroom theme and style. This sleek, timeless night light comes complete with its own remote which can be used to change your My Dream Light to 13 different colours, a sequence of rainbow colours, reading light, dim overnight setting and an optional timer setting.  This much-loved night light is sure to be a HUGE hit with your little ones!

My Dream Lights are plug-in only lights and come complete with a plug and cord to run all night. 

First use

Slot the acrylic upright into the My Dream Light base and connect the base to the power cord and plug in.

Switching the light on

Simply plug in your Dream Light and switch on at the outlet and the light will illuminate. If you find this does not happen, press the standby button on the included remote.

Remote control features

When you first receive your Dream Light please pull the plastic tab out of the bottom of the remote to activate the battery.

  • There are 12 colour options to choose from and a white light. Select your desired colour by pressing the corresponding button. We strongly recommendred for overnight sleep.
  • To choose your level of brightness, press your chosen colour button until you reach the perfect level for your child. (there are 4 levels)
  • To go straight to the lowest level of your selected colour, press the sleep button (moon and stars). This is the perfect level for sleeping.
  • Press the rainbow button to gently cycle through the rainbow of colours.
  • To activate the 1-hour sleep timer, press the timer button. Your light will now switch itself of after 1 hour.
  • For bedtime reading, press the side lamp button (looks a little like a mushroom). This will activate the brightest white light.

Switching off the light

Press the standby button on your remote to switch off the light.

In case you have thrown away yourMy Dream Lightbox, here is a handyquick start guidefor your night light. If you would like more information about our new night light designs or if there’s a specific design that your family would love to see us feature, please don’t hesitate toget in touch. 

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