Did you know, some believe that Halloween is a derivative of the Celtic festival Samhain, that our American friends have claimed as their own? (little bit like the Pavlova being Australian!) Others believe, that as 1st November is a holy day called All Hallows Day, 31st October is All Hallows Eve, or Halloween - a time to honour the dead and saints. And then you’ve got others, who just want to have fun and dress up and go trawling for candy!

Either way, here ‘down under’ we are still playing catch up and are far away from Halloween being embedded into our Aussie culture.

Even though Halloween is not hugely popular here, our supermarkets are still flooded with paraphernalia, the kids are begging to go trick or treating, and the price of Disney princess costumes has sky rocketed.

So, what do you say to your children when they want to go trick or treating?

We say, it’s totally at your discretion. If you have caved and said yes, we are here to help!

Spooky Pumpkins

 Here are a few tips and tricks to get you through the spookiest day of the year:

  • In some neighbourhoods, placing an orange balloon on the fence indicates that they are willing participants in the festivities. No balloon basically means no treats available and tricks are definitely not welcome!
  • Another common indication of participation is if the lights are on or off. If the outdoor light is on, it’s fair game, knock on that door and go get your treats. If it is off, don’t bother, there is nothing but disappointment lying behind that closed door.
  • Find out from your local council if there are safe streets participating. In some areas whole estates get involved!
  • Get crafty! Jump on Pinterest to help source costume ideas for your kiddies. This will save you money on a costume that will only make it to the playroom costume box after the day is done.
  • Beware of the sugar monster, offer to hold your kids treat bags for them (it doesn’t match their costume anyway), when they’re not looking, sneak some of their treats. This is a win-win, your kids won’t be on that god-awful sugar high and you now have energy to keep trick or treating.
  • Finally, get yourself a good night light,we know a place!! All that role play & dressing up is sure to spark their imagination and once all the trick or treating is done, you may need to ward off all the night time nasties. Keeping a gentle, soothing light on through the night will help to ensure sweet dreams & calmed minds.

Mostly, we hope you enjoy this time with your children; they’re only going to want you to go trick or treating with them for a few years. Dress up, get silly and make memories.


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