This year most people have experienced at least one thing that has been ‘stolen’ from them due to COVID-19. The My Night Light team are no different and this is making us more determined than ever to make this Christmas one to remember!

It may seem slightly crazy to be talking about Christmas in October, but as we are all aware, 2020 is a year like no other, what December will look like is anyone’s guess! Your big family Christmas may not be happening this year, especially if you are spread out around the world, or even live in different states, so let’s get creative and make this festive season AMAZING!


Be prepared, plan and stock up early!

You’ve probably noticed that the Christmas decorations are already up at the mall and stores are starting to sell their Christmas products. This year is definitely not the year to wait for the sales, as you run the risk of everything already being sold out. If there is something special that Santa MUST have in his sack on December 24th, buy it now and put it away.

Online orders - Christmas post

So you think the postie is taking a long time to deliver your packages at the moment? Imagine Christmas post on top of COVID delays! If you leave your online shopping until December, there may be unhappy faces around the tree come Christmas morning.

Christmas budget and savings plan

Many people are struggling financially at the moment, if you are able to, start putting a little money away each week so that you can afford a few special treats over the Christmas period. Here is a link to theGovernment’s Budget Planner, in case you need it.

Homemade is always best

Handmade cards and gifts are our absolute favourites and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who feel that way. What about having a DIY Christmas? The children will LOVE having an arts and craft morning (bonus - it will keep them very busy) and your family gifts will be taken care of.

 Why not splurge on a BIG tree and then make the decorations together as a family. Start a beautiful new family tradition and have a special tree lighting ceremony – how fun would that be? Not to mention the wonderful memories you would create for your children.

Family Kris Kringle

What if each family member buys for a single person, rather than the entire extended family? This way you can spend a little extra on a single gift.


Christmas 2020 is not cancelled; it just may look a little different this year. Christmas is about hope and magic and love, a time to appreciate the things that truly matter, like friends, family and spending time together. Make the most of what you are able to do and the people you are able to see and remember, GET CREATIVE, BE PREPARED AND STOCK UP EARLY.



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