LED lights are the way of the future and a lot of people don't realise just how great they are. Here's 3 secrets to LED night lights:

1. You will save big $ on your power bills with an LED night light.

They only use 0.02 watts of power. This means it doesn't matter if it is left on all the time, you won't even notice it on your power bill! If you think about your normal light bulbs used in most lamps using 30-60 watts, an LED night light will be using more than 100 times less power. Saving you lots of money

So if you invest in a really good quality LED night light, you will save all that money on your power bill

2. LED light colours are more vibrant OR LED night lights never get hot OR there are different quality LED night lights - cheap ones will use more power and won't last as long. 

3. The LED lights in your night light are designed to never need replacing. 


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