Well winter is definitely upon us. I am a Queenslander and already shivering in my boots the past few nights, and I see all of you living in southern states have got it absolutely freezing.

The kids are having nice warm baths at night but, the drop in temperature means my children are also feeling a little colder before going to bed.

One clever way I’m helping them to feel warmer at night is to use warming colours in their night lights. This is as well as the extra blanket and flannelette pyjamas. But using the different colours on the night lights can really change the feel of their rooms. 

Darker nights

Winter means shorter days and darker nights. And the darker nights come about because the air is colder and drier, which makes the skies clearer (I had to Google that). So with darker night skies, the bedrooms of our precious little people are darker too. This makes winter the perfect time to create an inviting environment for children in their bedrooms with a sense of calm and warm with some gorgeous night lights.

Miss Three

For my little girl’s night light, Miss three has a Teddy bear sleepy light which she adores. When it’s time for bed I choose lovely warm colours like yellow, orange, pink and red to make her room feel warmer. Plus I chose the teddy bear style light because it make us both think of big, warm cuddles from a teddy bear.

Miss three also likes to snuggle up with one of our super soft  teddy bear soft toys. It means she can wrap her arms around a special plush toy and have a real teddy cuddle too. The teddy bear light and toy are such a beautiful comfort to her at night.

Mister Five

For my little boy’s night light, Mister five has the fire engine Duski dream light because it makes him think of fire places and camp fires which are so toasty warm. With this light we can choose any of the warm colours of yellow, orange and red, but Mister five chooses red … every night!

Mister five’s choice of soft toy to cuddle up to when drifting of to sleep is the  Labrador dog softies. He tells me all firemen have dogs, so he should too. And I’m happy with that because it helps him feel safe and warm at night.

So if you’re finding the cold is biting a little more than your little ones like, try using the luscious warm glow of night lights and comforting cuddles with plush toys to help your children sleep through our winter nights.

This is what works for our family.

Philippa xx

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