How amazing is this wonderful warm weather we’re having? As the temperature rises and we have big blue skies and glowing sunshine, it’s time to take living life into the great outdoors.

The great outdoors that is our back yards, balconies, decks and verandas as we cook BBQs and enjoy drinks with friends. And while we’re outdoors having fun, adding party lights creates a magical summer mood. Here are some of our favourite outdoor lights.

Water lily pads for more than ponds and pools

The flowers on waterlily pads are so distinctive and our water lilly pad lights can float serenely around to light up your night. These pretty lights can float in a glass bowl of water as a dinner table centre piece when you’re celebrating a special occasion. Or they can float around on a garden water feature, bringing interest to areas of your yard that may be dark and forgotten at night. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, the waterlily pad lights look spectacular as they glow in many colours. We also have a frog on a floating lily pad - our floating froggy pad. 

Midnight flower string lights

Illuminate your outdoor dining area with the pretty white glow of the midnight flower string lights. These dainty flowers add a charm and style to suit many occasions. Use them as decorations and lighting for regular family dinners or string multiple strands across ceilings and along walls for special occasions like engagement parties and wedding reception lighting.

Gum leaf lights have natural appeal

Whether laid across tables, along rafters or through trees, the Oz gum leaf fed string lights create an earthy style of being in nature, while adding a white or green glow to the surroundings. This light is a talking point with natural appeal. The best thing about these waterproof outdoor string lights is that you can join up to 10 sets together to form 60 metres worth of lights!

Humming bird glow

Light up walk ways or areas of interest in your garden with these delightful humming bird lights. They’re solar powered for no-fuss installation, and at night automatically switch on and cycle through a whole rainbow of colours. Plus being perched on a flexible garden steak, they do give the appearance of flying during the night. So to liven up and light up your outdoor areas at this wonderful time of the year, choose some of these great lights to bring interest and iridescence to where you eat and play. 

Philippa xx

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