1. Use without the pens as a normal night light


2. Colour in - once dry, they won't smudge

3. Wash/wipe off and repeat... or don't repeat. The choice is yours


Here's some of our top tips

  • To colour in, place the acrylic upright picture on a soft surface/towel
  • Once the pens are dry, they will not smudge 
  • Encourage kids to personalise with their name, this helps with confidence
  • Use a slightly damp cloth OR take the acrylic upright picture out completely as per video above and wash under the tap. IMPORTANT that the acrylic upright picture is dry before replacing back into the light base. 
  • Find out 8 reasons why your child should be colouring inhere

Want to know more about the features of the lights and how to use all the functions on the included remote control? 

Click here for remote control features

Click here for the Aloka quick start guide

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