Did you know that singing a lullaby to your baby or child is comforting and soothing? It’s the perfect thing to do as part of your nightly bedtime routine.

Lullabies sung lovingly can even work their magic on children who may be resisting going to bed or are feeling over-tired. Parents have been singing lullabies to their children for generations, and whether cradling a baby in your arms or sitting on the side of your child’s bed, the soft rhythmic lullabies bring a wonderful feeling of calm and security to your little ones. Plus lullabies are also a lovely form of first communication and really help in children’s development of speech.

A special night light lullaby

I think lullabies are so important for our kids that I have had an original My Night Light lullaby written for everyone to have with one of our lights.

This lullaby has a focus on helping create comfort and bringing tranquillity to our busy little people, and it is perfectly paired with our night lights to send your little one off to sleep with feelings of peace and being safe.

The lullaby is a gift from me to you with every purchase of a My Night Light. It’s printed on the back of a charming bookmark, which makes it easy to keep by your baby or child’s bed – at least until you learn the words off by heart and then the lullaby will come straight from your heart.

Lullabies of love

For more wonderful lullabies, ones that are songs of love and express the feelings of a mother to her child, Mumma’s Lullabies are perfect. These are original songs and instrumental music performed by an artist and entertainer who lives locally to me, Koby Lee. I have followed Koby through her journey of being Flutter the Fairy and Ettie the Elfas she performs at children’s parties in Brisbane.

I wanted to add a collection of lullabies for you to purchase with your night light to further help with creating an easy and relaxing bedtime routine. Then when I discovered Koby’s lullabies I was thrilled to add them to my website for you. The collection of songs is so beautiful with titles like Little Angel, Hush Lullaby and My Heart Is Love. 

We’re proud to support this local artist and sure you and your little ones will adore these loving and reassuring lullabies as much as we do. So at the end of every day, whether it’s been tiring and stressful or packed with fun and adventure, remember to bring in the art of a lullaby to help your precious little people drift off to sleep peacefully. 

Philippa xx

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