Tommy’s Mum whispered into Santa’s ear that her wish for Christmas was just ‘one night of full uninterrupted sleep’. Santa laughed 'Ho…Ho…Ho! I can arrange that. Have you been a good Mummy all year?'

Later that day Santa arrived back at his Christmas toy workshop with a long list of Christmas gift requests from all the boys and girls who had come to visit him during the day. However, he was troubled on how he could possibly fulfil Tommy’s Mums Christmas gift wish! Santa called out to his head Elf Jack in the workshop and gave him the challenge to work on a Christmas gift for Tommy’s Mum that will ensure she gets a ‘full night of uninterrupted sleep’. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be!

In no time at all Elf Jack had solved the problem; getting Tommy to settle early and sleep through the night was the key to Tommy’s Mums Christmas wish. He had the answer, night lights! Night lights for kids were a proven way to relax and comfort kids before and during sleep. That’s it! Elf Jack ran off to find Santa with the good news. Santa was with Mrs Clause when Elf Jack came running in yelling Night Lights! Night Lights! Night Lights! Kids' night lights are the perfect Christmas gift for Tommy’s Mum. Mrs Clause immediately thought Elf Jack was right. Not just a great solution for Tommy’s Mum but all those Mums and Dads with kids. Santa agreed, that would be the perfect Christmas gift for not only Tommy’s Mum but for Tommy too.

Santa and his Elves loaded the sleigh with Christmas presents for all the boys and girls all around the world. Right on top was Tommy’s Mums Christmas present, a beautiful moon and clouds mobile night light and a giraffe sleepy light, because Tommy’s house was Santa’s first stop on his list. Come on Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph, we’re off to Tommy’s. Christmas morning Tommy’s Mum unwrapped her Christmas gift from Santa and immediately hung the mobile night light from the ceiling in Tommy’s bedroom above the bassinet. She put the bedside night light on the drawer next to Tommy’s bed, ready for bedtime.

That night, Christmas night, Tommy’s Mums wish came true. Tommy not only settled into bed without a fuss but he slept right through the night! Thank you Santa for your Christmas gift, it is the best Christmas present ever! Thelightslook like fairy lights twinkling around Tommy’s room. They have been a great success. I think I will be giving these wonderful night lights to all my family and friends with kids next Christmas so they too can get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

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