I always thought that colouring & drawing was a therapeutic way for children to show their feelings & release their confusing emotions. I didn’t realise that in addition to this, there were endless lifelong benefits that came from colouring in as a child.

 Colouring in action

Here is a list of pretty amazing ways that this fun, creative activity will help your little one:


  1. Hand-eye co-ordination

Colouring books can be quite detailed, staying within the lines helps children to develop their hand-eye co-ordination.


  1. Concentration/focus

Completing a colouring in page takes a HUGE amount of effort for a child. They have to be 100% focused on what they are doing.


  1. Fine motor development

Colouring helps to build hand, finger & wrist muscles & strength which will help with their ability to manipulate small objects.

Look at my C&S Robot!

  1. Spatial awareness

Visual perception is a wonderful skill for children to develop. Colouring will make them aware of their hand’s position on the page & enable them to keep their Texta within a given area.


  1. Confidence/ self esteem

Imagine how incredibly proud a child feels when they have completed their task & they have this beautiful piece of art to show for it. This will encourage them & give them the confidence to try new things.


  1. Colour & shape recognition

Children are given the opportunity to explore different colours & shapes & learn about both of these through colouring.

C&S Dreamcatcher

  1. Creativity/expression

Every single child is different & will make different choices. Art projects are their opportunity to express their individuality.


  1. Relax/release emotions

As I’ve already said, colouring is incredibly therapeutic & calming. A child’s entire focus is on finishing their colouring in. This takes the focus off sometimes challenging situations.

 Even more colouring in fun!

Colouring is not just a form of self-expression! Encourage your children to start colouring in as early as possible & see the lifelong benefits take effect!




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