Soccer ball and boots Aloka Night Light- Dual power supply Soccer ball and boots Aloka Night Light- Dual power supply
Soccer ball and boots Aloka Night Light- Dual power supply Soccer ball and boots Aloka Night Light- Dual power supply

Soccer ball and boots Aloka Night Light- Dual power supply

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  • Low 5 voltage, no heat LED lights
  • Use buttons on base to turn on/ off, change colour and dim
  • Use remote to change colour, dim each colour, set rainbow function, set timer function, set Lamp function and enable sleep fade function
  • Can be powered from battery or plug in with any USB source, including multiā€port powered USB hubs, or even your old smart phone charger.
  • Made from shatterproof acrylic, so if dropped or knocked over, it won’t shatter or smash
  • Recommended by certified child and baby sleep consultants
  • The safest and most functional option for your family!

PLUG IN OPTION: Your light includes a micro USB cable that allows it to be used as a "PLUG IN" light you can leave on overnight. This means it can be plugged into any USB port or a power point using any USB wall charger (which are widely available) or even an old smart phone or iPhone charger. You most likely have a few of these spare lying around at home. 

BATTERY OPTION: Your light includes 3 x AA batteries, so it is perfect for travel, or on a shelf with no available power point.

What is included:

  • Your upright design – made from shatterproof acrylic
  • Battery operated base with buttons
  • 3 X AA Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Interactive remote

Product dimensions: approx. 220mm high/ 150mm wide/ 30mm deep (depending on design)


Aloka Sleepy Lights are a 5V LED lamp with numerous amazing features such as an interactive remote control with 13 colour options, optional timer, 5 levels of dimming, sleep setting, rainbow setting and reading light setting. The lamp can be powered by both 3 X AA batteries as well as plug in with the micro USB cord included and the functions can also be used by pressing the buttons on the base of the light.

The Aloka Sleepy Light range with all its amazing features and top safety specifications makes it the perfect interactive gift idea!


  • Red/pink or orange are the only coloured lights that do NOT have a negative effect on melatonin production (the sleepy hormone) or interfere with sleep quality
  • Children feel reassured, their fear of the dark can be overwhelming and prevent sleep
  • Allows you to navigate around baby/child's room for night time feeds and nappy changes without switching on another light source

Katie from The Baby Sleep Company says: “I ALWAYS advise parents to consider ALOKA Sleepy Lights as they can be switched onto a good sleepy colour! And they plug in and they are shatterproof and they have LED lights so don’t get hot, and a huge variety so there’s bound to be something there your little one will love!”

It is our aim to ensure that parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s light is safe and will never pose any danger to them while they are sleeping.

12 month warranty


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