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      Rechargeable night lights (0)

      Portable bedtime pals and daytime playmates. These take anywhere LED lights recharge and come in the sweetest shapes.

      Portable Night Lights for Kids on The Go

      A darkened bedroom can be a scary place for an imaginative mind, especially when the comfort of a parent is out of arm’s reach. A branch against a window pane can be a claw-like nail, creaking floorboards can be the approach of a scary monster. Perhaps a bedroom can be especially scary if it’s not a child’s own bedroom. If your child sleeps better with a plug-in night light in their room, it might be good to consider getting them a portable night light for sleepovers, camping trips, long car rides, traveling, and other on the go occasions.

      With rechargeable batteries, and led lights designed to use minimum amounts of energy, our portable nightlights are a safe and cute friend to keep your child company.

      How My Night Light started

      If you are a parent, you’ve likely experienced your child calling out in terror in the night from a fear of the dark. My Night Light was founded by Philippa after one of these sleepless lights, when her son once more called out in fear. Concerned with her son’s wellbeing, she realised how many adults forget the fear of the dark that seizes them as children. As a child it can be hard to discern between fantasy and reality – especially in a darkened, unfamiliar bedroom.

      A night light became Philippa and her son’s saviour, keeping her son company and helping him feel comfortable and at ease in his own room. My Night Light has a wide range of night lights to help boys and girls across the world sleep soundly through the night. All our night lights come recommended by sleep specialists Australia-wide and meet the Australian Safety Standards. With the help of our many night lights, shaped as trains, sheep, or perhaps a dog, children can conquer their fear of the dark.

      Buy your portable night light today

      Our portable night lights are the perfect gift to buy for your child when you plan for a trip. A child often feels scared sleeping in an unfamiliar bedroom, and the soft illumination of a night light can go a long way in helping them sleep soundly. If you’d like to learn more about our night lights, feel free to reach out to us today on 1300 901 590 or fill in our online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you with all the information you require.