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Nursery Night Lights (0)

Gentle and soothing, colour changing LED lights designed to mesmerise baby and provide enough light for those sneaky peeks in the night. Also fabulous for nappy change distractions!

Help Your Child Find Peace and Comfort at All Hours of the Night with a Nursery Night Light

Comfort your little ones when you’re out of arm’s reach with a soothing and calming glow.

While night lights provide a hero for many young ones around the world with vivid imaginations and a fear of the dark, in them also comes a hero for mum and dad.

Nursery night lights help the whole household be whisked away to the land of nod, as the gentle and soothing colour change of the LED lights may help baby stop crying while you’re in the next room. For parents wanting enough light to ensure their little one is sleeping soundly, or even needing a distraction when it’s time for a nappy change.

This hero might come in many shapes, sizes and forms.

Perhaps Hugglo Owly is on his perch, calmly keeping watch over sleeping children. Maybe Miffy is resting in the corner, ensuring she lights the way for inquisitive parents. Or it could be three small fairies flying overhead from their mobile to make sure dreams are sweet.

With My Night Light’s selection of nursery night lights for sale, your little one is sure to find their perfect nursery night light that will be sure to help lull them to sleep.

Nursery night lights recommended by sleep specialists across Australia

A restless and disturbed sleep isn’t healthy for anybody – mums, dads and bubs included. A nursery night light lamp can offer babies, toddlers and small children feelings of safety, protection and comfort when mum and dad are out of sight, meaning a good night’s sleep for the whole household.

My Night Light’s online range of nursery night lights are held to the highest Australian Safety Standards, and are created with top-quality LED lights. The safety of your child, your family and your home is tantamount to our community.

Our range of nursery night lights come recommended by sleep specialists, and best of all are available for delivery across Australia and worldwide, meaning your hero is never far away.

Find the perfect night light companion to turn nightmares into dreams

Discover a range of characters in our nursery night lights available online, including some of our favourites from the Aloka collection, or gift your child with their very own portable protector.

Even in the darkest hours, parents across the country can sleep well knowing their children are sleeping soundly through the night with the help of their illuminated friend.

To discover more about the My Night Light collections, please get in touch with our friendly community. We’re here to offer words of advice and information.