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      Duski Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light (7)

      We are so excited about our brand new rechargeable bluetooth speaker and night light woodland friends! You can choose your favourite colour or filter through the rainbow and adjust the level of brightness all the way down to sleep mode. With an optional timer these soft and squishy rechargeable lights can also be taken on holiday. Best of all you can choose your favourite music or sound to stream. White noise, meditation, nature sounds, stories or music. The ultimate sleep aid!



      Send Your Child to the Land of Nod with Help from the Duski Bluetooth Night Light Range

      As your child grows, so too does their imagination. As the sun sets, a whole other world that only they can see springs to life, and can be quite scary and upsetting to unknowing eyes. Each creak of the floorboards. The headlights of a passing car throwing shadows on the wall. An open wardrobe. This can all seem like another universe, especially from young eyes peering out behind the safety of their covers.

      Duski night lights offer little ones around the world, a friendly presence through the night as their imaginations flourish and take shape, offering a simple, comforting glow that can help lull them off to the land of nod. Our safe Duski bluetooth speaker lights boast an army of characters with the likes of bears, fox, bunnies and owls waiting at the ready to help ward off any scary monsters hiding under the bed.

      Safety and comfort is our main priority for the Duski Bluetooth LED night light.

      My Night Light began with a simple enough idea. Almost a decade ago, Philippa was feeling sleep deprived and defeated due to her young child being afraid of the dark and hardly sleeping through the night. She discovered the powers of a night light that offered a calming presence to her children even on the darkest nights.

      Philippa’s passion for the safety, comfort and happiness of children has never faltered.

      Her Duski range is a shining light for parents having difficulty getting their children to sleep soundly and forget about the monsters that hide in wardrobes and dark corners. Each Duski LED night light is held to the strictest Australian safety standard. The LED night lights do not get hot, ensuring they stay cool to the touch for delicate young hands.

      To know more about our range of night lights for sale, please get in touch.

      As well as our magical range of Aloka night lights for sale, we also carry nursery night lights for those wanting to add a special touch to their baby’s nursery and portable night lights for little ones wanting to take their new friend on an adventure.

      If you would like to discover more about the Aloka range of night lights for sale then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the My Night Light community. We are always here to offer help and words of advice. Reach out by calling 1300 901 590 or by emailing

      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Llama


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Unicorn


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Pink Unicorn


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Owl


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Fox


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Bunny


      Duski Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker - Bear