Beautiful Night Lights and Décor Delights to Your Door

The right night lights can change your life. Trust us – we know! My Night Light is an Australian owned and operated business, based just north of Brisbane, created by parents who understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Have you ever found yourself pacing the room with a baby that won’t settle, or trying to assure a teary toddler that there are no monsters under the bed? So have we! We started our business in response to the difficulties we experienced ourselves as parents trying to find the perfect, soothing night light for little ones. We realised that many lights on the market were way too bright, or were not safe enough to leave on all night – so we went looking for solutions.

The safe solution for your kids night light

Our beautiful range of night lights includes all the features we had on our own wish list with young children, like adjustable brightness and a timer that switches the light off once your poppets are asleep. Every My Night Light product meets the highest Australian safety standards and is checked by hand before posting. You can sleep easy knowing your beautiful night lights won’t cause any safety nightmares! We soon expanded our range to include stunning outdoor lighting and feature lights for special occasions, once again putting the focus on safe, long-lasting LED lighting options that bring a touch of magic into any home. But it’s our bedroom lights that attract the most attention, with grateful families everywhere telling us how much they appreciate our innovative designs.

The right light for a perfect night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep has all kinds of benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. Well-rested children find it easier to learn and play – and well-rested parents find it easier to nurture them! Safe, tranquil lighting, along with comfortable bedding (and maybe a friendly sleep toy for extra cuddles), provides the perfect environment for quality sleep and the sweetest dreams. Stunning lighting from My Night Light is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what recent customers love about our lights!

“I love that this can stay on all night and it's not too bright to keep my son awake. It also gives him the confidence to get up during the night to go to the toilet all by himself!”

“The fact that it's LED. So you have a safe and high quality product that can be placed anywhere in the house.”

“Calms my son to sleep and is educational for learning colours.”

“Low energy, multi function and attractive. Kids just love it.”

“They give off good light for night time feeds and changes but are subtle during the day.”

“Definitely the best investment! Keeps my daughter occupied when changing her nappy, she has learnt her colours from the remote control but most of all it's just a relaxing, gentle light for checking on her throughout the night without disturbing her sleep.”

“Great for many different age groups. It can be used as a soft light to settle newborn babies or you can use it for little girls or boys that are scared of the dark or need some guidance to find the bathroom.”